Μαρία Σταυριανίδου
Νίκος Μπιλιούρης

The photography for us is a quest, like the most things in life. We quest for spontaneous, vivid and true moments. Moments that fill you with emotions and move you. We seek the internal beauty that exists in every person and everywhere around us. We look for the expression of feelings and the interaction that takes place throughout the relationships. If you look for the same thing too, you will find it to us.

Our passion and our love for photography and videography are what motivate us to continue all these years to more creative and artistic roads. Photography is more than a moment that has been just captured on camera. It is a special art form with its own history and philosophy!

A photograph can reveal much more about a person than you have ever imagined. It can reveal your soul, as it happens when you look somebody into his/her eyes. Furthermore, every photograph can bear many different meanings. Our job is to capture all this truth through our eyes and to share it with the world. Every capture is a different story!

The truth is that it's very difficult to keep some events only into your memory. Time goes by very fast and some things get forgotten. However, it's so nice to be able to enjoy an evening with your beloved ones, browsing through a photo album or watching a video and be able to recapture all the significant moments of your life. We help you to preserve all these moments with the most beautiful and truthful way. The only thing you have to do is to just trust us!


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