What we are trying to convey through every photo shoot of a private moment, such as wedding, is its singularity and uniqueness. Every couple is one of a kind. The process might be mainly the same, but the couple does make the difference. This is why we aim at the personal touch. We try to become acquainted with the couple both in front and behind the lens, we allow it to know us as well, building in this way a trusting relationship. It's of great importance for the couple to feel cozy and comfortable, because we are interested in capturing spontaneous moments of the couple and its family in a photo shoot like a photojournalist style, which highlights couple's personal signature. Because the capture of every special moment of our life should have exactly this specific seal. However, there is also a fashion style photo shoot, which refers to images of fashion editorials. This kind of photo shoot usually happens at the private moments of the couple, still this is not absolute. Every time we accommodate to the wants and needs of every couple, without however letting this fact to affect our style. We are open to every couple's suggestion and desire.


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