To conceive and create life is one of the most sacred things that you might be blessed to do in your life. It's a proof that you are a tiny God-Creator. Well, to photograph this proof, to photograph a pregnant mother with the co-creator father, is one of the most lovely photoshootings (or/and video shootings). We try to capture the joy, the anticipation, the yearning, the emotion, the awe that parents are filled with. When their little miracle comes to life, we should be as subtle and tranquil as we can be during the photoshooting. It's very important to already have gained parents' trust. The photoshooting of a newborn is the most affectionate kind of photoshooting. It demands patience and a lot of love. When the family expands and new members join in, things do change. The photoshooting turns to become a game of chasing the kids! But this is actually the joy, the essence, the reality. Beyond the affectionate moments, we have to capture as well the carefree and cheerful moments through the eyes of a child.


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